In 1992, we set up the "Polish Folk Costumes" company in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region of Poland, choosing the lovely city of Chelmno.  For over 30 years the artists associated with our company have created stunning costumes, the models of which are based on extensive ethnographic documentation and museum designs.

Polish folk costumes is a product that we truly understand, as we ourselves have been leading various groups for over 30 years. From our extensive experience, we know what groups want and need: durability, eye-catching beautify, and functionality for dancers. That is why we offer our customers a wide-variety of choices when selecting one of our products. Our costumes not only fit the wearer, they also fit the needs of the client.

Our world-class embroiderers, saddlers, and shoemakers live all over Poland. While top quality hand embroidery comes out of the Kashubian, Mazovian, Podlasien and Podhalen regions, our professionals in Chelmno and Torun create our sewing and typeface. You can be guaranteed that personal attention has been paid to every detail of our product. These are not mass produced costumes, but, rather, each garment that our company produces is truly a unique work of art!

For 30 years now, we have been supplying costumes not only to Poland, but also to Lithuania, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and will strive to ensure that you, too, are pleased with our work.


Christine and Jaroslaw Wygnańska(i) (picture on left)